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Thermowear is a manufacturing company that specializes in the manufacturing of customised bags and other articles, by mainly using industrial sewing machines and hard-wearing fabrics and materials.

The project started back in 1993, as part of a skills training and job creation opportunity to train and empower unemployed people to become self-sufficient.

The first cc, Thermoware was registered in 1993, and our moto: “ïf you can draw it, we can make it” has always given us the opportunity to grow.

We were able to capture a small niche in the market for customized articles for smaller quantities, and at times also obtaining contracts for large quantities of cooler bags, school- and sport bags, pencil cases, etc. which ensured repetative business.

Due to personal circumstances, the original cc was sold in 2006 to new owners working from East Londen. However, our regular local customers, enjoying the personal touch, kept coming back with their requirements for customized items, and pretty soon we started up again in 2007, establishing the existing cc..

The high cost of the existing exchange rate of imported items has now given us the opportunity to develop our latest range, called “Back-0n-Track”, at more affordable prices. This is a range of Mountain Bike Touring pouches, using mainly proudly South African materials. More items will be added thereto in due course.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any request for the manufacturing and co-ordination of customized articles, no matter how small the quantities might be.

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Know nothing about bicycle touring but your bag worked perfectly for me. My flip flops & mug attached really well with cable ties to the plastic loops on the top of the bag. Used the elastic to hold the flop flops more to the back of the bag.

Andrew Ballantyne

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